Feefo APIs Overview

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Feefo is a customer review and feedback platform that provides businesses with a way to collect and manage customer reviews and ratings. We offer an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows developers to integrate Feefo's review data and functionality into their own applications or websites.

The Feefo API enables you to programmatically access Feefo's review data, submit new reviews, retrieve review statistics, and interact with other features of the Feefo platform. This integration can be useful for businesses that want to display Feefo reviews on their website, automate review collection processes, or analyse review data in their custom application.

What APIs do Feefo offer?

Below you can find a list of Feefo's APIs and their descriptions.

Reviews APIThis allows you to pull and render review content. It can be altered by using parameters that will determine the content that is returned by the call.
Imported Reviews APIIf you have the advanced option “Show Imported Reviews” enabled, the Imported Reviews API becomes active. It will return all the imported reviews together with the Feefo content in one response. Responses are sorted in reverse date order, so newest content at the top. Feefo content is marked separately to imported content.
Product Ratings APIA Reviews API call can be used to provide a listing of all available product SKU's and the rating against that product over a defined period. An optional parameter can return the product count as well.
Download Feedback APIThe Download Feedback API is offered as a convenience API for quick download of bulk feedback in a flat file format. It is deprecated from future development so no further documentation will be added.
Enter Sale Remotely APIYou can upload sale information directly into the Feefo system through an API endpoint hosted by Feefo which has available parameters which can be dynamic to populate a sale upload. Each request to the API submits a single sale line.

API Versions

Feefo has 2 API versions

VersionRelease DateDetails
2021/09/2021Supports authenticated requests using bearer tokens generated via OAuth2.0 Token API.
1028/09/2016Initial release. Supports authenticated requests using deprecated Authenticate API.

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