Uploading via the Admin Portal


To start collecting valuable customer reviews on Feefo, you need to upload your sales data. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to upload your sales data manually via the Feefo Hub, along with important details about the required data fields and file format. Additionally, it covers how to check for errors in your data and offers an alternative method for uploading individual sales.

Download Sales Template

Before you begin, ensure you have your sales data in a .csv format encoded in UTF-8. To upload multiple sales in one go, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Feefo account.
  2. Go to 'Sales' > 'Upload Multiple Sales.'
  3. On the right-hand side of the page, you'll find the 'Download sales file template' link.

Download and open the file to access template instructions, header descriptions, and an example data line. Make sure to follow the formatting instructions precisely for a successful upload. Note that changing or deleting column names is not allowed, as it will result in incorrect data uploads.

Required Data Fields for Sales Upload

For each line of data in your sales upload, you must include the following key data fields:


The file format must be a .csv and UFT-8 encoded

Field name for a TXT or CSV fileBrief descriptionKey points
merchant identifierYour unique Feefo identifierThis column tells the system which account to upload the data to. This will be the same for each line of data. To find your Merchant ID, click on your name in the top right corner of the hub where you'll find this information.
nameThe customer's nameN/A
emailThe customer's email addressN/A
dateThe date of the sale/transactionN/A
descriptionThe description of the item purchasedThis column can be left blank if it’s not needed, although the header of the column will still need to be present.
order refYour order reference numberThis is where you enter the unique order reference for that customer's transaction/interaction. The order reference dictates which sale items are grouped into a feedback request email. If five entries share the same order reference, a single feedback request would be sent to the consumer, requesting feedback on all five items at once.
product search codeAn identifier for the productThis is the SKU or ID number that you use to identify the product in your business. This is used to categorise the product reviews together and ensures that the right reviews are displayed on your website’s product pages. (If you’re only collecting service reviews, you can copy and paste the description). You can’t leave this field blank.

There are also additional supplementary fields listed below, but we will cover this in more detail in advanced sales data.

If a customer has purchased multiple items in the same order, you will need to fill in a line of data for each product. Make sure that the same name, email and order reference are used so the order can be grouped. This means your customer will only receive one email to rate all the individual products.

This is the only time you should ever duplicate an order reference!

Upload Multiple Sales

Once you've filled in the sales data spreadsheet and saved it on your computer,

  1. Proceed to the 'Sales'
  2. Then 'Upload Multiple Sales' section in the Feefo hub to validate and upload the file.
  3. Before uploading, ensure your data file is error-free by selecting 'Validate Data'
  4. Drop your .csv file into the box.
  5. If there are no errors, select the 'Upload Data' option to proceed with the upload.
  6. Feedback requests will be sent based on the uploaded data, following your feedback preferences.

Identifying Data Errors

After checking for errors, a report will be generated, showing the number of saved lines (successfully uploaded orders), duplicate lines (multiple lines with the same order reference or product search code), and rejected order lines. If the number of rejected order lines exceeds 2%, the entire file will be rejected. Common reasons for rejected lines include incorrect column headers, improperly formatted merchant identifiers, and duplicate order lines.

Sending Individual Sales

If your sales volume is low or agents are responsible for uploading their own sales, you can use the option of sending individual sales. Here's how:

You are able to add sales tags if they have been uploaded into the Hub.

  1. Go to the 'Sales' tab in the Hub and click on 'Submit Individual Sale.'
  2. Fill in the online form, ensuring to complete the required fields. It is recommended to input as much data as possible for Feefo's reporting features.
  3. Click the 'Upload Sale' button to submit the individual sale.


Uploading sales data on Feefo is a crucial step to collect valuable customer feedback. Follow the provided instructions and use the template for successful data uploads. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for guidance and support.