What are Sales?

In Feefo, a sales transaction refers to a completed purchase made by a customer from a business. When a customer buys a product or service from a company, we track and associate that transaction with the customer's order details. After the purchase is made, a client may trigger an invitation for the customer to leave a review or feedback based on their experience with the product or service they bought.

The sales transaction data in Feefo is crucial for generating authentic and verified reviews from real customers. By linking reviews to specific transactions, we ensure that the feedback comes from genuine buyers, which enhances the trustworthiness and reliability of the reviews for both potential customers and the businesses receiving the feedback.

With the help of this transaction data, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and showcase real customer experiences to build trust with their audience. Additionally, the integration of sales transaction data with the Feefo platform allows businesses to automatically send review invitations to customers after their purchase, streamlining the review collection process and ensuring timely feedback from customers.



You can submit multiple sale items against a single transaction if you are looking to capture customer reviews for your product as well as your service.

Submitting Sales

There are a number of ways by which you can submit sales to Feefo:

MethodRecommended forSee
Enter individual sales via the Admin Portal Low transaction volumes
No development resource
Uploading Sales Data Manually
Upload batch sales via the Admin Portal Medium transaction volumes
Little/no development resource
Uploading Sales Data Manually
Batch sales via FTP upload to Feefo (FTP push) High transaction volumes
Some development resource
Batch sales via remote collection from your servers (FTP pull) High transaction volumes
Some development resource
Enter sales API High transaction volumes
Development resource
Enter sales API
Feefo ecommerce connector eCommerce platform users
No development resource
Smartlink API Customers who want to use embedded feedback requests within their own emails
Development resource

API Versions

This article provides the version numbers for any APIs that include a 'version':

VersionRelease DatesDescription
2021/09/2021Supports authenticated requests using bearer tokens generated via OAuth2.0 Token AP
1028/09/2016Initial release.
Supports authenticated requests using deprecated Authenticate API.