WebHooks are a powerful tool that helps businesses stay updated with their customers' feedback in real-time. Widely used across various applications and programs, WebHooks send automated messages and trigger notifications whenever new feedback or updates occur. Feefo's WebHooks provide a secure and efficient way to receive information about reviews without disclosing any sensitive consumer data. This article will guide you through the process of creating and managing WebHooks in Feefo, empowering you to stay informed and take prompt actions based on customer feedback.

How to Create a New WebHook

To begin setting up your WebHooks, head to the Feefo Hub and navigate to 'Settings > WebHooks.' Depending on whether you have existing WebHooks or not, the page will display the relevant options. If you have no active WebHooks, you'll find a simple Settings page. If you do have WebHooks in action, you'll see a list of them.

Click on 'Register WebHooks' to initiate the setup process.

Fill out the following information:

  • Rule name: Provide a unique name for your WebHook (1-24 characters).
  • When: Define the criteria for your WebHook, such as when feedback is received, updated, or both.
  • Trigger conditions: Select the conditions that will activate your WebHook:
  • Regardless of rating: Triggers whenever a review is left, regardless of the rating.
  • Where the NPS score is: If NPS is enabled on your account, choose the NPS rating that will trigger the WebHook.
  • Where the product rating is: Choose the product rating that will trigger the WebHook.
  • Where the service rating is: Choose the service rating that will trigger the WebHook.
  • WebHook URL: Provide the WebHook URL that will listen for notifications from Feefo when new feedback arrives or gets updated. The URL should be in the form of

How to Use WebHooks

Feefo's WebHooks open up a range of possibilities for leveraging customer feedback:

  • Customer CRM Integration: Create a record in your customer CRM with the collected feedback. Feefo's response will not include sensitive data by default. To link a review to a specific consumer, you may need to make an authenticated review request following the WebHook payload.
  • Display Positive Feedback: Showcase positive feedback in your offices on a message board or screen to boost team morale and customer satisfaction.
  • Support Case Management: Automatically create support cases in your ticketing system to initiate workflows for managing negative feedback and addressing customer concerns.

How to Manage Your WebHooks

To view and manage your existing WebHooks, follow these steps:

Access 'Settings > WebHooks' from the Feefo Hub.
From here, you can edit and delete individual active WebHooks, as well as review your 20 most recent WebHook calls.


Feefo's WebHooks offer an efficient way to keep track of customer feedback and take timely actions to improve your business. By setting up WebHooks, you can receive automated notifications when new reviews are received or existing feedback is updated, all without compromising customer data privacy. Harness the power of WebHooks to integrate feedback into your systems, display positive reviews, and manage support cases effectively. With Feefo's Review API and WebHooks, you can stay connected with your customers and continuously enhance their experience with your brand.